50 Jobs in 50 States

Exploring America’s cultures, careers, and environments


From building furniture with the Amish in Pennsylvania to marrying couples in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, I’ve worked 50 Jobs in 50 States

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Dedicated to those who can’t find a job, don’t like their job,or just curious about what America has to offer.


Learn how I’ve accomplished the ULTIMATE JOB SEARCH

“Incredible book for an incredible journey.”

-Dean Karnazes-Ultra Marathon man

Drop Me In!

Confronting the everyday challenges that many Americans face, from unemployment and obesity, to alcoholism and poor working conditions.


Follow me, as I live and work in America’s harshest environments.

Currently on Region #5: Gang Violence in South Chicago

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“I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for making TEDxUSC a run away success.:) Your presentation was a crowd favorite! You really kicked off the event perfectly. Great Delivery, you really nailed it and we’re so thrilled!”

Krisztina Holly- TEDx Director

  • Choosing a Major
    We often are pressured to choose a field of study because of its practicality. Is...
  • Opportunities
    Opportunities are everywhere. Never overlook a person or a place because you never know what...
  • Don’t Major in these Subjects
    Understanding economics has helped me in several ways, but not in finding work, that’s why...

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Living the map raises awareness of the varying cultures, careers, and environments across the U.S.

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