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The objective is to travel all 50 states to work 50 different careers in 50 weeks. Sound Crazy??? I'm on a mission to explore various careers, environments, and cultures that America has to offer. A majority of Americans are blinded from the opportunities that exist in the United States. One could become a successful Farmer in Nebraska, while another could become a widely acclaimed Movie Director in California. I will explore the lifestyle that each state has to offer by choosing one career per state; a career that is popular and represents that state.


Ever since I graduated from the University of Southern California, I have experienced uncertainty regarding my career path.  Interviewing for a position was a full-time job and I wasn't having any luck; failing 40+ interviews. I never received feedback from any employers, so when I was offered a position no matter how irrelevant it was to my field of study, I accepted. I took my first position tutoring elementary students part-time. I knew right off the bat tutoring wasn't for me. I was realizing that I had to find a position that motivated me to wake up every morning

I found a book that had contacts for every college coach in the country for every sport. Having a passion for athletics, I decided to write an email to all 18,000 coaches asking to give me a chance. I received 250 offers, but the most attractive was coaching Cross Country at Northwestern University. I had to move to Chicago, not knowing a soul. I loved the adventure of putting myself into a new environment with complete uncertainty. I failed to mention this was a volunteer position, so I had to find ways to make an income. I found positions from painting stairs to accounting at a biomedical firm. This was a complete thrill because I forced myself to get to meet new people and struggled to make myself satisfied. 

After a successful Cross Country season, the program fell apart by every staff member quitting. It was only natural that I didn't stick around, plus I knew there was something else out there for me. I was invited to a small town in Southern Indiana to reunite with the former head coach. This was a trip that I will never forget. I thought transferring from the University of Oregon to USC was a culture shock, but this took the cake. I had my first grilled corn on the cob, saw real Amish folks, 4-wheeling with rednecks, and shot my first gun. I couldn't get enough; I had to see more and seeing more is exactly what I am doing. Now, it's my job to showcase careers, cultures, and cities.


My inspiration to travel the country and work various careers comes from the people. Whenever I travel, I am intrigued where people live where they live and work where they work. Nothing is more appealing than the contrasts.

I was unaware of what life was like outside my bubble. I didn't know what kind of career I wanted to take on. I had no clue what Chicago looked like before I moved. Not too many people are risk takers, that's why I want to take everyone along with me provided through my videos, articles, and photos. I cover a broad range of careers that are true American jobs. I want America to see themselves and how much of an impact the environment, career, and culture shape their lifestyle.


I envision that this unique adventure "Living the Map" will capture the interest of all demographics; from blue collar and white collar Americans. I will showcase each city, along with the certain career I work. I will make 50 episodes that consist of 42 minutes in length each. Working each position for one week will be sufficient enough to understand the career and the lifestyle of those who work. The goal is to help Americans understand each other's lives and respect each other's hard work. My adventure will eliminate or intrigue peoples' curiosity of a new lifestyle. I will continually update my experiences through articles resulting in publication of books and a video series. 


My Photos

  1. 1.Sieving, IA

  2. 2.Cowboys, SD

  3. 3.Taking a Break, CO

My goal is to help Americans understand each other's lives, respect each other's hard work and stimulate peoples' curiosity about different lifestyles.


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